Since 2005, we devote our efforts to the research and development of technological tools, work processes and specific issues to ensure continuous improvement of pedagogical processes.

Thanks to the continuous research and development at the Escalae Institute, we hope to continue adding new solutions and improve our service continuously.

Escalae System®

It allows an educational/training institution to get an educational diagnosis, plan and implement their innovation processes and improve classrooms in a collaborative way, as well as, receive recognition in the form of an educational certification.

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TeachersPro ®

The TeachersPro® Platform is a solution that allows a teacher to follow a customized learning pathway to develop teaching skills, to share the evidence of their practice with colleagues and to get badges as well as professional certifications.

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KIVA® anti-bullying program

This program comes from Finland and provides students, parents, and of course, teaching and administrative staff, a number of technological and methodological tools which have been inspired by the Finnish pedagogy, to prevent bullying situations, and strengthen values and attitudes related to coexistence.

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