• Education stages: Primary
  • Period: June 2011 – December 2011
  • Service: Educational self-assessment, Strategic Teaching Plan and Work Group for the Institutionalizing of Educational Practices
  • Participating teachers: 9
  • Website: http://www.escalae.org/clase-2012-premia-a-escalae-como-mejora-continua-docente/

Here we document the educational improvement experience in Melchor Ocampo thanks to the application of the Escalae Self-Assessment, the creation of an Educational Strategy Plan and its ongoing monitoring through educational improvement groups.

The Melchor Ocampo school, serial number 22DPB0080J. Located in Santiago Mexquititlán, neighbourhood number 3, Amealco, Querétaro state, in school zone 101, 2010. The school has 186 students, and counts on the support of 102 parents, 8 teachers, 1 Technical Director and 1 Support staff member. The school teaches children from grades 1 to 6.

Melchor Ocampo school’s main mission

To develop the abilities, attitudes and values of our students for a comprehensive education, guaranteeing a learning experience that will stand them in good stead for their whole lives, allowing them to integrate into society as competent individuals upon completion of their Primary Education.

Melchor Ocampo school vision

The schoolteachers and director hope that for the academic cycle 2010-2012, a pleasant, participative atmosphere exists in the school. This allows us to strengthen our teaching abilities through the use of different strategies and educational styles that foster reading skills (comprehension), concepts and attitudes with the ultimate goal of helping our students to be analytical, to be able to think critically and to be reflective upon completion of their primary education.

Initial educational problems

Dated teaching practices and the lack of knowledge and command regarding the content of modern syllabuses and programmes. This is reflected in the educational planning whose purpose was the development of mathematical thinking as well as communication and linguistic abilities.

General educational proposal

To carry out an analysis step in order to understand the current teaching plan and programme. This step then guides the educational intervention so it favours mathematical thinking by using different communication and linguistic strategies.

Specific educational proposal

To achieve educational quality through the linking of, and interaction between, lines that were previously indicators of separation (Recreation and physical development, curricular improvement, art and culture, additional language study, I.C.T., healthy living), with the ultimate goals of advancement in academic achievement and the implementation of collaborative work that is of benefit to the preschool community.

General challenge

To understand 70% of the current plan and programme to better the educational practices and to develop teaching abilities that impact the development of the students on a comprehensive level and structuring the process throughout the educational cycle.

Scope of achievements

Curricular education: Strengthening of learning thanks to Escalae

  • Participation of the entire teaching and executive personnel in the l RIEB certification course
  • Analysis of the focus on ability
  • Application of the ESCALAE Self-Assessment
  • Creation of the strategy for improvement
  • Educational planning workshop participation
  • Educational strategies to boost mathematical thinking
  • Creation and development of spaces to raise awareness of collaborative work and academic leadership
  • Training for the academic assessor provided by the linguistic coordinator to implement teaching strategies in the school
  • The students participate actively, creatively and demonstrate critical thinking while doing so
  • The academic, administrative and social leadership were driven to transform the school community

Learning of additional languages

  • Mother language rescue through the use of narrations, song, stories and legends
  • Teacher evaluation regarding the use and knowledge of the mother language
  • Implementation of the English language one hour per week per group

Recreation and physical development

  • Workshop course for teachers on physical education
  • Implementation of physical education

Area of culture and art

  • Galvanising renewed interest in traditions and culture through educational projects
  • Encouraging singing at the National Anthem Contest in the students’ mother tongue

Organizational scope

  • Technical advice for strategy creation
  • The personnel worked as a complete unit, with aligned interests and challenges in common

Administrative scope

  • The school improved its material infrastructure conditions in order to carry out its duties efficiently: classrooms, furniture and equipment in good condition
  • Provisioning of 5 sets of computer equipment to develop skills in I.C.T.

Community scope and social participation

  • Activities were developed for healthcare reasons, appreciation of art and the preservation of the environment
  • Guidance for parents concerning the importance of their participation in school life
  • The school community participated in the decision-making process and in the execution of actions for the benefit of the school

Advances and conclusions about the process of educational improvement in Melchor Ocampo.

The centre was able to carry out important educational improvements, despite the limited resources available, as we have seen. More importantly, these enhancements as well as a culture of ongoing improvement have been institutionalized by the teaching staff. Thanks to this work the Escalae Institute was recognised with a prize for Educational Innovation the following year, awarded by the Instituto de Fomento e Investigación Educativa A.C. (Educational Investigation and Development) and Compromiso Social por la Calidad en la Educación (Social Commitment to Quality in Education). We document the CLASE 2012 Prize here.