The research area of Escalae Institute aims to:

Promote, manage and coordinate the research activities of the Institute in its three main research lines: Educational Quality, Educational Innovation and Reflexive Practice – Teaching Development.

Interact institutionally with research centers, institutes and universities which are interested in similar lines of research.

Promote and formalize agreements and/or partnerships, in order to foster research oriented to I+D+I at the Institute.

Develop a network of knowledge, people and resources to contribute to the scientific basis of the teaching profession, through platforms of each line of research. Initially, it materialized in the impetus of the International Platform Reflective Practice.

Promote, monitor and coordinate the research studies published in journals of impact, with the recognition and help of researchers who have carried out them together with the Institute.

Research process at the Escalae Institute

The Institute establishes alliances with universities and centers which develop educational research programs.

Qualified researchers, doctoral and postgraduate students are offered the possibility of doing research at the institute.

The institute offers quantitative data obtained from its database and qualitative data from fieldwork so that researchers can develop their project.

There is also a modality in which the researcher is introduced to the fieldwork carried out by Escalae.

The researcher concludes and publishes, co-authored with Escalae Institute, the results of the research conducted over a period of 6-12 months.

Finally, the reports, articles and papers are published in our outreach platform:



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