Reflective Practice (PR) is a training methodology in which the starting elements are the experiences of each teacher working in context and the reflection on their practice. This is a training option where the starting point is focused on the person and not on the theoretical knowledge. Therefore, it takes into account the personal and professional experience to improve and put up to date the educational work.

This training model, besides going in depth in the understanding of the matter, didactics and pedagogy, also claims that the teacher is able to self-train, since it turns reflection into practice and makes practice into a conscious habit to be integrated in daily activities.

Research lines

To train reflexive teachers capable of solving practical situations as experienced professionals. To teach teachers to immerse themselves in the continuing spiral of action-reflection-action, which integrates theory and practice, formal knowledge and practical knowledge, scientific criteria and ethical/social commitment; all of them in a bidirectional way.

To provide the teacher staff with a methodology that helps them to improve their ability to manage the classroom properly: contextualization, complexity and decision making under uncertainty and immediacy.

To increase the teachers’ methodological training to innovate and research from their own practice


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